Server rental service is a cost-effective way to provide your company with a modern and efficient IT infrastructure. We offer certified HP servers of various configurations for rent. All servers consume only "Green energy". Servers are located in Tier3 Data centres in Moscow (Russia) and Riga (Latvia). 1 ip address and connection of the rented server to the Internet using a 100 megabit port are provided free of charge.

Additional option:  rental of a server with a licensed version of Windows 2016 Data centre

Location of service provision: Tier3 data centre in Moscow (Russia) or Tier 3 data centre in Riga (Latvia)
Service installation term: within 24 hours after the conclusion of the contract and payment of the first invoice.


The VAT rate for customers from Latvia at the location of service provision Tier3 data centre in Riga (Latvia) is 20%.
The VAT rate for all other cases is 0%.