TV Transcoding - we offer to transcode your TV signal (from a satellite or a multicast source, or a unicast source) for further distribution of the TV signal in OTT format.

TV PlayOut - we offer a technical solution that will allow you to create your own TV or radio channel.  We provide you with a rental Cloud Server with pre-installed software: Windows 7 64Bit, PlayBox AirBox and PayBox ListBox. The server is connected to the Internet using a 100 Megabit port (for remote control). The server has a 100 GB hard drive for storing video or audio files for broadcasting. Additionally, you can purchase from 1.8 TB to 24 TB disk space. In the future, TV signal can be distributed on the Internet in OTT platforms (for this you need to use our TV Transcoding service), to a satellite or to cable TV operators in multicast format.

TV Delivery is a service of TV signal delivery in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and the Russian Federation to cable operators via land lines.  

TV Monitoring is the constant visual monitoring of the TV channel signal 24 hours a day based on 
StreamLabs MultiScreen.  Automatic monitoring of the presence/absence of sound, presence/absence of video, monitoring of errors in the TV signal (more than 30 different parameters). Our technical specialists will monitor the technical performance of your TV channel 24 hours a day and will promptly eliminate the problem with your broadcast server.

TV Licensing is obtaining licenses for the creation and distribution of television channels in the Russian Federation and the European Union.

The VAT rate for customers from Latvia is 20%.
The VAT rate for customers from outside Latvia is 0%.